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Our movements are always 100% Swiss made for the simple reason they are producing the finest movements in the world. 

We offer watches with either a mechanical or a quartz movement, with their different typical characteristics. 

Read more about the movements we use below.



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Our automatic watches houses caliber SW300-1 from Swiss producer Sellita. It's their thinnest automatic caliber available which enables designing a very slim watch. The movement is rhodium plated, and features snail and perlage decoration on the bridges, as well as our triangular signature pattern etched on the rotor. 

Automatic mechanical movements are powered by the kinetic energy when the wearer is moving. The rotor on the movement spins whenever the watch moves and winds the mainspring. The energy stored in the mainspring is released through a rather complex chain of mechanical components making the watch tick. As long as the watch is worn daily it will keep running. Caliber SW300-1 has a power reserve of 42 hours when fully loaded, meaning the watch will run even if you don´t use it every day. 

 The accuracy of every movement is tested during the production. 



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Swiss producer ETA is one of the most well-known producers of movements and supplies us with quartz movements. 

Quartz movements are powered by a battery and are very accurate and requires minimal maintenance. The battery sends a current through the quartz crystal, making it vibrate with a certain frequency. The vibrations cause the movement to oscillate and driving the motor which turns the hands of the watch.

The quartz movements we use have an end-of-life-indicator showing when it's time to change the battery.