By Worn & Wound

About two years ago, we reviewed the first line of watches by the Swedish brand Bravur, the BW001. Their unique take on a modern minimal design, backed by a great case, made the watches successful pieces, though their prices were a bit higher than desired. Recently, they released a follow up model, the BW002, which takes their aesthetic into even cleaner territory. While co-exisitng with the previous watch, I do get the feeling that BW002 is an evolution on their aesthetic concept. As such, there are small differences that feel like improvements throughout the design. It’s a bit smaller and more sparse, perhaps simpler in general, but comes across a bit tighter and more harmonious. With a slightly reduced price tag starting at $625, the BW002 is still on the high side for a quartz, but has many great features with taking a closer look at.
Magnus Äppelryd