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- Launching our first mechanical watch, built by hand in Sweden. - 

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Swedish soul - Swiss heart


Bravur is an independent watch brand based in Stockholm, Sweden.

We create personal timepieces with a unique character, and our design philosophy is strongly influenced by our Swedish origin. Every part of the watch is carefully designed with distinct elements composing the signature of Bravur - timepieces embracing the present.  

The watches are produced in small scale in Sweden or Switzerland, by horology experts, to ensure the highest quality. 



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Creating watches with an utmost finish and attention to detail requires a close control of the production. We carefully choose our suppliers and manufacturing partners, and to have our own assembly in Sweden is a big step for us. 

We always work with the finest materials, ensuring a timepiece that will age with beauty and last for a lifetime.

No matter if being produced in Sweden or Switzerland, we only use Swiss movements, true to our motto Swedish soul - Swiss heart. 



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See the full collection and find your own favorite. No matter which model,  every watch has been designed and produced with the same care and devotion. Always designed in Sweden, produced in Sweden or Switzerland. 

Complimentary shipping worldwide with every purchase.



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Being the heart of the watch, the movement is the most vital part of the watch. All our movements are Swiss made and have been carefully chosen with quality and reliability in mind. We offer watches both with automatic and quartz movements.


Free shipping worldwide - 14 Day money back guarantee - 2 years warranty